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Uthcracy's iWown smartwatch

Product link: Uthcracy Smart Watch

After a couple of weeks this watch is still going on a single charge since I didn't get round to making this until a week after uploading the video.

Does it work well?

For the most part it works exactly as you'd expect it to - the watch is a watch when you flip your wrist to look at it and it shows you who's calling or texting, the date, how many steps you've taken today and has bits for setting it to sleep mode etc.

The accuracy of the pedometer isn't spectacular, apparently I go buck mad and sprint to work every day thanks to a bumpy bus ride, however it is a good general indicator of how much activity you're doing. The sleep monitor seems to be a bit more accurate and seems to be pretty good at telling when you woke up and must give a rough idea of deep sleep/light sleep via your movement.


If you want to drop £25 on a cheapy smartwatch to give them a go, well this is the only one I've had but it does what it says it does and doesn't look half bad either.