An old Friend and a new show! A Cinema Nasty

A Cinema Nasty

My Dear friend Dave asked me to hop on a stream a few weeks ago. Now we have a show, it’s called A Cinema Nasty. It’s based on that terrible list of Mary Whitehouse’s, the video nasties – well at least the name. 

We’ll be exploring fun movies, with a few rules, we watch max 24 hours beforehand, it must have had a cinema release and it must be fun. So far it’s a lot of fun – our 1st episode will be Event Horizon, which has plenty of gorey glory to dissect and laugh over. 

You can watch the pilot below, InfinityCast and it’s rather patient with us owner Egerton have decided it’s worth a go. In the pilot we lay out some of our schemes but not all. 

I hope you enjoy this and more from Dave and I, we’re old friends with plenty of terrible new ideas every time we get together on anything.