Easy Powerful Hackintosh

The stuff I used: 
Audio adapter (tecknet) – Amazon USUK
SSD (Adata) – Amazon USUK 
The Stuff I did: Niresh’s Yosemite – Follow these instructions and win.

An easy i5 Hackintosh

I was actually having a go at making an Elitedesk USFF 800 G1 work as I’d made a boot disk based on Niresh’s Yosemite Build for doing an EZ 8000 as I have plenty of these available through work. That was a no go with that board, haswell and may be possible, but got real old real fast. Casting my eye around the room I remembered that aside from the two HPs I had of later models I had a Lenovo M80 with an i5 and I knew I had an 8gb ram stick lying about somewhere to make it do something useful. The lenovo was a gift from a work contact to see what I could make of it. Having seen that the GT210 was a compatible graphics card in the EZ 8000 build I figured the stupid pegatron card with a miniscule fan that howls like it has some intention of achieving graphical performance would go in for some luck. The SSD came out of the HP and in to the Lenovo, first try.

Well That Worked…

After doing the bare minimum of BIOS setup (making sure the sata mode was ACHI) I booted the installer with no boot flags, I got to the right screen, used disk utility to format the drive and installed Yosemite. On reboot I used the USB stick to boot to that partition. Everything works. I was having fun dicking about with something tricky and new. But now I have a Hackintosh instead. A quad core hackintosh with a wheezy little card and respectable first go specs. Making the boot media was harder than that. The only thing I had to get was external audio, provided by the links up top, though any mac compatible usb audio solution should get you going on that front.

What to do with it

This hackintosh, with i5 2500 and up to 32gb RAM, maybe a 750Ti if you’re feeling ambitious could be a fairly capable 1080p editing machine, it’s got more guts than the macs I learned on in tech, alternately, I saw people like hackintoshes for HTPC stuff, it’d be amazing at that, needs to breathe at the front and back only and it’s the right size to slip in to a hifi shelf or a TV one, being fairly similar in proportion to a cable/satellite box.

My Plans?

To be honest, most of them revolve around having a Sierra machine called Sierra Madre on my fallout named home network

I didn’t have many plans for this, I just thought it would be fun to try, however I’d like to play about with quartz composer, you can do some cool stuff there, on top of that, it might be nice to edit video on. Either way, for a fun snappy mac machine it’ll do nicely.

Do I recommend it

It’s hard not to, even if you don’t like mac OS in the end, this is a solid machine to have lying around, it’s a big step up from the Phenom II and Core 2 Duo SFFs everyone’s flogging to death and it makes for a decent media machine or a slip under the desk for work type job if you’re more sensibly inclined.

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