Joygo Bluetooth Headphones

Product Link: On Ear Headphones, JoyGo Foldable Wireless Bluetooth V4.1 Headset HD Stereo Headphones with Mic NFC 3.5mm Audio,Brown

In the often confusing manner of companies operating shops in marketplaces (ours is no better with the electrical recycling) flashtec asked me to review these headphones sold by Visionlink called Joygo and screened with “New Bee” on the headband. They were free and they looked pretty nice in Brown.

Apart from the odd name screened on top these things do look good in real life, the button deesign is kept relatively clean and the padding looks well, it’s vaguely retro but with bluetooth. All plastic with a a soft touch finish, apart from the ominous sounding “lightweight protein material”. They feel pretty solid, nothing feels like it’ll immediately slap, despite these also being able to fold up in a little case that looks ok, nothing special. Usually folding headphones feel flimsy like sunglasses, or maybe they used to, I don’t go in for them often.

Comfort levels

The soylent earpads are surprisingly supple, I expected a much higher level of Pleather problems, not the case – they are quite small, not totally over ear so much as on, though they seem to play a role in isolating sound. The Frame does press them on a bit so you get a bit of the warm ear feeling but they’re comfy across the few hours I can end up travelling in a day easily.

Sound quality

For me this is the biggy in any music item, I switched to these for my daily trip instead of a pair of modified bluetooth headphones that I cobbled together simply for better quality. They have bass and it’s relatively good bass in the sense that it’s not just distant thunder. The treble, and to some degree the detail on the whole isn’t amazing. Is it good for the money? Yes, is it acceptable? Yes. While these aren’t audiophile headphones they are perfectly listenable to and certainly compete in the surprisingly cheap, well featured bluetooth headphones floating about currently.


There’s a lot packed in to these, they even function as a pedometer. Star of the show for me is the starting to be more common pass through input, making them useful whether they’re charged or not. The chances of them not being charged is slim though, the bold battery life claims seem to be true, guessing some of the weight in these is battery.

The NFC worked great for pairing but the pairing itself was an odd experience, it worked better with Windows than Android, which took a couple of goes to decide what sort of headset/headphones/speaker/hat bluetooth device it was. Call quality is meh, you’ll shout, noise and wind will be a problem, it’s the trade off you make when your headphones don’t look like they belong in a call centre.


I like these, I like them even though they splooge bass all over my eardrums, they’re comfortable and while the fidelity is a drop from my hode podge earphones, these are much more comfortable to listen to. If you are a bass lover and like the looks, these are good. If you’re not sure, hoke about these are nicer on the whole than a few similarly or slightly higher priced headphones I have.


The logo on the headband and the clicky buttons, no on ear device should have undamped clicky buttons directly on the housing of the thing attached to your ear. But that’s most of them.

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