Kinden Anti Radiation Earbuds/Headset

Product link: KINDEN Radiation Free Earphones AIR Tube Anti-radiation Headphone Noise Isolating Earbuds with Microphone

Kinden got in touch with me about review some things that I didn’t really have much to say about but when I saw these I had to ask if they send me them out. They’re weird and they align midichlorians, plus they do promise good sound quality.

How even?

The drivers are in pods, little solid aluminium housings that seem like they might house something beefier than a normal driver for an earbud, maybe. Attached to them are some sort of medical looking plastic tubes that act as pipes up to the buds. Keeping you electrically isolated from bad vibes.

Getting them on

The hook in the tube is a little close to the earbud for my big ears so it took a couple of goes to get the earbuds in place, unusually deep in my ear.

The sound!

At first I was really impressed by the quality and clarity of the sound, however the buds weren’t right, after a swap I suddenly had bass too. I’m calling witchcraft. These make no sense.

Crackpot Theory

So these have a really big open sound, but they’re earbuds and the only thing I can think that makes them work like this is that you end up with a sort of closed system between your ear and what looks like a beefier than usual driver. The column of air delivering the sound acts a little like a spring, maybe. It’s definitely what beefs up the bass, having a good earbud fit here, to an extreme degree but maybe that springiness does the higher end some favours too.


These are well worth a go, not the comfiest, certainly lacking in looks – despite efforts made that tubing isn’t nice. Where these win are sounding like no earbud I’ve ever heard before, they’re totally different in a really cool way.

I think the novel sound and form make these worth a shot, I’ll definitely be experimenting with them to see if I can find the magic, so I can steal it for my cobbled together bluetooth earbuds. (They’re awesome, made from a few different sets but maybe not finished yet)

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