Making a Ready Player One Playlist

In case it isn’t clear, Ernest Cline totally captivated me with Ready Player One, I reread it there, geeked out and made a playlist from all the songs Wade heard in the book.

I ended up having a lot of fun doing this, enjoying the story and writing the songs down but where it got really good when I couldn’t get Video Fever on Spotify. I made the Youtube playlist as an alternative and everywhere I went I found little references to Ready Player One because this book hooked so many people and they too wanted to learn what that book sounded like.

But Why?

I did this purely for fun, I’m sure other people have done this already and I could look it up. I did end up adding Presentation behind Discovery, part of a prog rock epic by Rush that Wade plays having acted out the Discovery that titles that song. I did this because I felt it made it better, made it feel more like the way I read the book.

The playlists

Spotify doesn’t have Video Fever, but it’s there since I made it anyway. The Youtube one likely needs played on Youtube to get everything since that whole must watch on seems to appear a lot with music stuff.
The youtube Playlist 
Spotify Link (Web) 
Spotify Link (Application)

I also ended up getting distracted and giving my well loved, well battered salvaged 60’s Wharfedale Super Lintons the thrashing of their lives with Rush for a couple of hours, because god are those epic, excessive storied albums amazing when you’ve been put in the right place by a good book.

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