Nobsound Mini Amplifier – Review

The amp in use on my speakers.

I have a set of Sansui S-500u speakers that do sound great. I have a TV stand they fit perfectly in. I bought this little amp, with the accompanying power supply for 28 quid as a between the TV and speakers solution.


Easy, just power it, use your banana plugs or screw the terminals down on wire, either or, the terminals do both.

Bluetooth is default and it has excellent range, find the speaker and add it, no issues.

AUX, sure it’ll call out aux mode in a robot voice when you plug in a line source from the 3.5mm jack in the front.

USB, same again – nice and easy, standard soundcard stuff.


I can’t fault this little amp on performance, it drives the speakers well, I did try it with my significantly less efficient Wharfedales from the 60’s too, it was capable of driving them too but did start to break up at higher volume. With the Sansui’s from the 90’s it drives them happily, they’ll survive until it breaks up but you’ll never listen to anything at that volume in my fairly large living room.

Sound Quality

It reproduces music clearly and efficiently, it does the same for other stuff, this isn’t high end audiophile stuff but it doesn’t add any tone or take any away, not perfectly flat reproduction, just good solid reproduction.

I have no complaints, just reproduction of input.

Where it Wins

This thing has ten different niches to fill, my use is one – it’s a tiny addition to the TV stand, I can swap to bluetooth if I want to do the spotify thing but it takes my TV output and makes the speakers sing.

The USB input? Hell yeah – this is brilliant if you want a laptop station with good speakers you can drop in to, adds it to the peripheral setup and gives you a big volume knob to use.

The bluetooth? I’d love to get a board only version of this for projects but as far as making use of speakers you have, this thing is perfect for bookshelf speakers that you’d like to run again.

Where it loses

It has a massive flaw.

Why in the name of god are all the inputs on the front? Those niche uses would all be served and served amazingly if this thing just had inputs on the back, not the front.

It could easily be a one stop solution for amplifier and audio control with this form factor if they’d have made it a bit thicker or wider. It’s minuscule, I wouldn’t mind.

On the other hand, if you want to do this with bluetooth, yeah, this is great job.

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